Attention: Tech Applications are now out!

GET EXCITED!! Applications for Tech 2014 are now available!! To apply follow the 2 easy steps below:

1. Visit the Tech 2014 section of the site and click on Tech Application. Here you can view the application with lots of important info and tips. Make sure to read all of the info as it is very important.

2. Now you are ready to apply! Click here to get to the page with the application link, good luck!

Application deadline is on Friday January 17th 2014 at 3:00 p.m. Remember to have fun with your application and we look forward to meeting all of you! Please feel free to email Christopher Radford at:


What is Orientation Week?

The schedule has been updated. Please consult it for any changes.

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What is Orientation Week?

Orientation week (also commonly known as “Frosh Week”) is the week prior to classes which contains a series of fun and informative activities. These activities are designed to familiarize you with things you may encounter during first year, as well as with the campus and the Kingston community.

All first year students are placed into groups which are led by upper year computing students. Computing students are classified as Arts and Science students but we offer our own orientation events so that you can meet all the fantastic people you will be taking classes with for the next four or more years.

Orientation Week at Queen’s is run entirely by students, for students. There is an incredible amount of pride, energy and sheer excitement generated during Orientation Week that maintains itself year after year and you will soon be a part of this longstanding tradition.

Besides being a ridiculous amount of fun, Orientation Week for all faculties and schools at Queen’s strives to further the following goals:

  • To make all new students feel welcome
  • To facilitate a smooth transition into university
  • To build a strong and inclusive community of students
  • To make new students comfortable in their academic, social and environmental contexts
  • To provide a solid foundation for a successful university experience

Orientation Week for Computing is all about making you feel comfortable in your surroundings. For us that means tams, coveralls, cheering, fun, excitement, friends, and great times that you will look back on fondly. During Orientation Week, you’ll learn about all the great things Queen’s has to offer. Orientation Week sets the stage for the rest of your university career and is an important step between being a student, and being a Queen’s student. All frosh week events are completely voluntarily, and you don’t have to be a participant of frosh week to get the important academic information. However, participating is strongly recommended because your Tech Committee and your Techs can`t wait to meet you (and your fellow students too we hope!).

You can check out the Queen’s Computing Class of 2017 Facebook page right here!


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